Events in Istria: Trka na Prstenac, Barban August 19 - 21

By 13 August 2016

One of the annual top events really worth a visit on the heart-shaped peninsula is the Trka na prstenac, officially translated as “Tilting at the Ring”, which takes place in the small town of Barban in central Istria. The 41st instalment of the event is set to take place from Friday, August 19 to Sunday, August 21. During these three days Barban becomes the centre of Istria with former and current Croatian Presidents and other celebrities parading between the horses and stalls.

As at most of the traditional festivities in Istria, you can taste and buy local products which have helped to spread the word about Croatia’s biggest peninsula around the world. Events such as the Trka na Prstenac help you get an overview and are also a nice occasion to find something to take home with as an authentic Istrian souvenir. It is also a chance to stop at one of the smaller villages of central Istria. If you are lucky, you might even find some spots which haven’t been transformed into Villa-with-Pool ghost towns. Every evening during the three-day festivity, there will be free concerts.


About the central event:

In the year 1696 the Trka na Prstenac (tilting at the ring) was held for the first time in Barban. When Franjo Loredan organized this competition during the local fair, little did he know that he would be remembered for such an event. After 280 years this competition was revived, so that in 1976 the chivalrous competition was held once again in Barban. Tilting at the ring is organized on the next to last weekend in August. The gallop of horses, traditional folk costumes, clanking of old weapons, rider's entourage are a history collection of memorable images for every visitor.

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