Did Dinamo’s Ante Čorić Hurl a Racist Insult at Hajduk’s Jefferson Santos?

Dinamo beat Hajduk 4-0, but the racist outbreak of Dinamo’s youngster would be punished harshly if it was any other competition but the Croatian one

As the Olympic games are what takes all the media space these days, Hajduk and Dinamo played the eternal derby in Split on Wednesday, and only published the video of Dinamo’s youngster Ante Čorić who insulted Hajduk’s Jefferson Santos in a racist manner.

As TCN is a family site, it is not to be repeated, but as the video shows, it is enough to say that the black mother was mentioned. We remember players in English Premiership and other big leagues being punished harshly for that kind of behavior, as FIFA and UEFA have a zero tolerance to racism, so it will be interesting to see if the Croatian Football Federation will follow the example.