Top 5 Dubrovnik-Neretva County: Best Beaches in the Dubrovnik Region

By 10 August 2016

Where are the best beaches in the Dubrovnik region if you are looking to escape the busy old town? TCN's Dubrovnik resident Lauren Simmonds takes us on a tour of her favourites on August 10, 2016.

Veliki Zali

Veliki Zali is a stunning, natural bay named after the large white pebbles that make up its beach area (Big Pebbles). The beach is located just off the Jadranska Magistrala, a mere 30 minute drive from the City of Dubrovnik in the direction of Split. There is parking available, as well as toilets and a bar and restaurant which serves cold drinks and local food in the shade. Parasols and loungers are readily available at a reasonable price. It directly faces the island of Sipan, and Lopud's idyllic harbour area can be seen further in the distance.


If you understand Croatian, it isn't hard to understand how this beautiful beach earned its name. Located on the northern shores of the famous wine making region of Peljesac, Divna is just a few kilometres from Gornja Vrucica. Small and usually very peaceful, Divna is home to just a few traditional houses along the bay. This is the place to go if you need an escape from the crowds of Dubrovnik, but be warned that there are no shops and the only shade is provided by the trees, so be prepared with supplies and take a parasol to stay protected from the harsh sunlight.

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Another Peljesac peninsula favourite is Prapratno beach, located approximately three km from the ancient oyster loving town of Ston, Prapratno is south facing and unusually for Croatia (more-so for this region) it has a sandy beach. This is a great alternative for people who aren't a fan of rocks and pebbles and offers a more comfortable way of getting in and out of the sea. The beach is considered to be one of the most picturesque in Croatia and it doesn't draw as many visitors as you'd expect. The beach is surrounded by naturally occurring fauna and foliage and ample shade is offered by pine trees.

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Viganj is heaven for water sport lovers, this pebble beach is located on the Peljesac peninsula and has a host of activities available for those who seek more than just a good swim. Due to its geographical position, favourable winds make it a perfect spot for windsurfing, parasailing, sailing and other water sports, all of which are readily available.

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Trstenik Beach

Yet another attractive beach boasted by the Peljesac area is Trstenik beach, it is located on southern shores in the very heart of the Trstenik bay and village. The beach stretches quite a distance and is fairly wide in Croatian terms, making for more room to ''breathe'' than can be found in your typical rocky cove or bay. The sea is crystal clear and perfectly clean. Its favourable location offers great views over the channel and this unique beach spends considerably longer under direct sunlight due to its position. Cafes are dotted along the bay, and a general store can be found nearby. This beach has pushchair/wheelchair access and there are no steps (yes, you read that right). Taxis and local buses can be caught just a few minutes walk away from the shore.

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