A 2016 Olympics Treat at Martinis Marchi Hotel on Šolta

By 9 August 2016

Over the weekend, luxury hotel Martinis Marchi in Šolta held a Brazilian themed summer event in honor of the 2016 Rio Olympics. Filled with flair, vibrant colors, and a guaranteed good time, here is how guests enjoyed this uber special event.

It began as an all-day program, ensuring something just right for everyone. When guests arrived they were greeted with a welcome package that included a “medal” made from the famous Brač stone, along with a ticket to the “opening ceremony” where the mighty olympic feast would be held later in the evening.


The official afternoon program began at 12.30h sharp, opening with an exquisite art exhibition - one that will remain open through the end of summer. The “opening ceremony” was then preceded by an afternoon gathering in the amphitheatre of the Marina, where guests were greeted with Aperol cocktails and a number of sport themed activities including SEABOB and standup paddleboarding. They even let you exclusively test drive a unique Croatian made electric bicycle - the “Greyp”.


Women had access to beauty treatments including manicures and pedicures to makeup and hairstyling and there was a fashion show by famous Croatian designers “Klisab” - pop up shop included. The bold attendees were even offered body paint to properly prepare for the official program and opening ceremony!


unnamed 1

Image by Martinis Marchi 


The “opening ceremony” took place under a fantastic sunset in the Marina amphitheatre with the spirit of Brazil kept in mind. There was live music, dancing, and entertainment, and after the official proceedings an Olympic flame took you inside the castle where you would be enjoying your culinary feast on the hotel terrace.


The dinner ended and the pool party began under the motto “Higher, Stronger, Faster” with djs, Brazilian samba dancers, refreshing cocktails, cigars, and fire shows taking you into the early morning hours. And don’t worry, if you got tired they even had “gaming rooms” for you to relax in.


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Image by Martinis Marchi 


An event we think will be remembered for the ages, we can't wait for the next one!