A Croatian Treat Has Taken Flight Across Korean Skies: Meet Gelati d'Oro

By 4 August 2016

A Croatian delicacy has won the palates of many inside and outside of Croatia, finding tastebuds in the Czech Republic and South Korea. Meet Gelati d’Oro.

An ice cream unlike any other found in Croatia, Dalibor Jurina from Krk has found a way to the hearts and palates of sweet tooth lovers around the globe.


Gelati d’Oro, based on an old Italian recipe and produced by Jurina in Krk, is a completely natural ice cream that is gluten and sugar free.


Image by Gelati d'Oro Facebook

After proven success throughout the whole of Croatia, Jurina felt he should try his hand at outward expansion, with lucky ice cream lovers in Prague being the first outside of Croatia to try the sweet treat.


Most recently, Korean Airlines found themselves in a predicament looking for the perfect treat to serve in a cup to their first class passengers - and now Gelati d’Oro has taken a first class flight across the Asian skies.


A small company with only four employees and seasonal workers, we look forward to what Gelati d’Oro has in store. Perhaps a new staple for our lovely country?


You can find more about Gelati d’Oro and follow their journey here.