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Why You Should Consider Getting Married on Hvar: The 3-Minute Guide

By 30 July 2016

One of the steadily growing aspects of tourism on Hvar in recent years has been weddings. 

Tying the knot in a foreign country is getting increasingly popular, and Croatia now has a well-established wedding event scene for foreign would-be brides and grooms, with experienced wedding planners now readily available. 

As one of the world's ten most beautiful islands (and Europe's sunniest), it is perhaps not surprising that Hvar has become one of the hottest wedding destinations on the Adriatic, and with wedding costs back in the UK continuing to rise, more and more couples are taking a different approach, getting married in a ready-made honeymoon destination, and a location which also provides the perfect holiday destination for their guests. 

And why should you get married on Hvar? Well, some of the answers perhaps are in this beautiful video by Mihoci Studios on a wedding on Hvar, combining the Suncani Hvar combination of Hotel Amfora and Bonj les Bains for the idyllic wedding setting. With more than a hint of lavender. 

Suncani Hvar have their own wedding planning service, as well as some divine locations, which you can learn more about here

Hvar Wedding Cinematographer, C & N, Hvar, Croatia from | Mihoci David on Vimeo.