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Gorgeous Croatian Handmade Chocolates: A Selection of the Best

By 26 July 2016

Even though temperatures are soaring, it’s never a bad time for a delicious chocolaty treat so on July 25, 2016, we bring you the best and most unusual handmade chocolates in Croatia. Try and resist them if you can.

Nadalina – Passion to the People

If unusual combinations and shapes are your thing, then you have to try Nadalina chocolates and pralines. Owned by Marinko Biskic, a musician or a true-blue rocker to be precise, this company uses only the highest quality chocolate with at least 70% of cocoa in each delicious square and hold the Guiness record for the largest chocolate bar ever produced. You can try chocolates with lavender, rosemary, Dalmatian carob, olive oil or dry figs and sherry, and if you really want to impress someone with a box of chocolates be bold and give them one of Nadalina’s chocolate LPs that actually play or a ‘box of rusty tools” made entirely out of chocolate. Cool isn’t it?

These tools won’t be able to fix anything around the house but they’re delicious. And here is the singing chocolate...

Taman chocolates – as suggested by the name, they’re just right

Another musician (former rap star this time around) decided to dedicate his life to artisan chocolates. Stiv Kahlina, formerly known as El Bahatee decided to take a more scientific approach and after specializing the art of chocolate making at the Ecole Chocolat, he mastered his craft at the Callebaut Chocolate Academy. Today he produces limited edition chocolates including chocolates with pistachio and roses, chocolates with cayenne pepper and raspberries, chocolates on a spoon and chocolates with orange thyme and pepper.

Image by Taman chocolates

Donkey milk chocolate

In case you’re lactose intolerant and cannot enjoy standard chocolate, thanks to Neven Ciganovic, owner of the largest donkey farm in continental Croatia, now you can opt for the donkey milk chocolate. Each100 g bar is made with at least 30ml of donkey milk, and they are perfect for anyone experiencing allergies or bronchitis. Neven wanted to make a chocolate like no other in the world, so, considering he owns a donkey farm, the choice was obvious. They still produce them in very small quantities and offers for presentations from all over the world have been pouring in ever since the first chocolate was presented in Zagreb a few years back.

Image published by Vecernji List, PR article

Chocolate with salt flowers

What to serve at an event when you don’t know whether your guests prefer sweet or salty snacks? Give them chocolates with sea salt flowers! You can choose from either milk or dark chocolate and the combination of Croatian salt from Nin and the rich chocolate is simply mouthwatering. Definitely worth a try and a great souvenir to take home with you (and eat when you get your next craving for something sweet / salty).

Photo by Solana Nin 

Chocolates from 100% Croatian ingredients made only by women

Ok, ok, cocoa and vanilla are not Croatian but everything else used in the chocolate is from lavender, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin oil, acorn (yes, they sell acorn filled chocolates) and lavender to Mediterranean herbs. The company is called Nautilus and instead of exploring the undersea world, they explore the intricate world of chocolates with a female captain. In fact, Nautilus only employs women. These ladies are quite good at that they do; they export their product all the way to China. Their chocolates come in all sizes and shapes, so how about a chocolate golf ball or a white chocolate bone?

As they say at Nautilus – think outside the chocolate box and dive in. For more info visit

Photos by Nautilus Facebook

Istrian chocolates sweeping international competition

Whether you try their chocolates, ice creams, pralines or cocoa spreads, you can be sure you’re trying n award winning product. Gustolato chocolates and spreads were the talk of last year’s edition of the London International Chocolate Awards, and this year’s International Chocolate Awards in Florence in the Italian / Mediterranean Competition 2016. And even though the name is Italian, they are produced in Croatia, in Novigrad to be exact.

Photo by Gustolato Twitter

Happy international chocolate day from us at Total Croatia News!