Trifecta for Sibenik – Third Fortress to be Refurbished Using EU Funds

By 25 July 2016

Sibenik continues with successful EU project applications, hopefully, more Croatian cities will follow suit.

Sibenik found a formula on how to attract EU funds. On July 25, 2016, as SibenikIn reports, the city administration confirmed that their third fortress refurbishment project, for St. John’s fortress (or Tanaja as they call it), got the co- financing from the EU fund for regional development


The entire refurbishment project is estimated at 48 million kunas, out of which 83% (41 million) will be financed by the above mentioned EU fund and the rest (7.6 million) will be financed by the City of Sibenik. According to the Sibenik city administration, this is the largest amount received by the city so far and the first time Sibenik received funds using this particular EU tender.


However, this is certainly not the first time the city received EU funding for their projects, in fact, so far they are three for three, proving they have both the knowledge and the people to successfully apply to any EU tender available. Sibenik can also serve as an example for other Croatian cities that are still struggling with EU projects and applications.


The news that the City’s project was among the selected ones within the Integrated development programmes based on cultural heritage tender came earlier today from Zagreb.


Sibenik mayor Zeljko Buric commented on the City’s latest success: “We believed from the start that our application would be successful, in spite of very detailed documentation that was required for this particular project. We believed that, after the successful refurbishment of both St. Michael’s fort and the Barone Fort, this new project would also be co-financed by the EU funds because it was technically well prepared and because we have a great team within our Department for economy, entrepreneurship and development. I am proud and happy to see the project of fortress refurbishment, which has been a long-time dream of many people in Sibenik, slowly come to its full realisation.


One last step must be taken before the funds are allocated, and that is the adoption of a financing decision which is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of regional development and EU funds.


The refurbishment and complete reconstruction of ST. John’s fortress will include the reconstruction of the fortification wall, inclusion of various innovative features, attractions and services that will be offered to visitors.


On the ground level by the north defence walls, visitors will be able to enjoy a gastro- visual concept, 3-D video mapping will show various features adding yet another dimension, optical illusions and movement effects to create an unforgettable experience.


St. John’s fort will also house a historical plateau and an educational camp equipped with smart and interactive classrooms as well as presentation rooms within the walls of the fort that will work throughout the year, lowering seasonality and ensuring high-quality accommodation with accompanying themed programmes.

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