Drama With a Sad Ending for Karlović

By 25 July 2016

The Croatian tennis player, 37-year old Ivo Karlović failed to clinch the winner title at the ATP tournament in Washington although in the finals against Gael Monfils he had the match-point, with the Frenchman celebrating with 5:7, 7:6 (6), 6:4 after two hours and 13 minutes of play

Karlović was within reach of winning his second ATP Tour title in two weeks, clinching Newport last Sunday, after winning the first set with 7:5, and 5:4 in the second and service, followed by a match point in the tie-break at 6:5. However, he failed to finish the job both times and remained with seven tour titles in his career, this being his ninth defeat in finals. Monfils, on the other hand, won his sixth ATP title, first after Montpellier in February 2014, reported on July 24, 2016.

Karlović secured his first break point in the match in the very first game when two direct return-winners gave him an advantage, but Monfils saved himself with an ace. Up to the 5:5 score both players safeguarded their service, but then Monfils made two mistakes and gave Karlović the opportunity at 15-40. Unlike the first game when he hit an ace, Monfils lost a break-point in the 11th game with a double service error, so Karlović was posed to serve for the set. With a few bad moves Karlović was behind 0-40, but then used excellent service and volleys to even up and used his second set-point to win 7:5.

In the second set both players were confident again in their opening shots up to 4:4. Then Karlović combined his good moves and Monfils’ mistakes to gain a break-point and match serve. Unfortunately, although up to that point he hadn’t lost a game when serving in Washington, Karlović failed to end the duel. Monfils arrived at 0-40, but Karlović had two volleys and an ace to even up, but after the Frenchman secured a fourth break-point our veteran missed the volley and lost his advantage. In the tie-break both players won their serve points until Monfils led 7-6, when Karlović’s net attack saw a light half-volley into the net, thus losing him the set.

The key game of the third set was at 1:1 when Karlović again failed his opening serve. Monfils began to read his serves better, returning the ball better, with Karlović missing a volley at the break-point and finding himself in a deficit he couldn’t make up.

This was their fifth duel and the third win by the French player.