Serbian Minority Leader Pupovac: “We Are Ready to Cooperate with HDZ”

By 21 July 2016

New HDZ leadership seems to be more acceptable to national minorities.

Milorad Pupovac, president of the Serbian National Council, said that they were ready to cooperate with HDZ and that the consolidation and reform of HDZ was one of the largest and the most pressing needs in Croatian politics. He confirmed that he was convinced there would be cooperation with HDZ led by Andrej Plenković. The cooperation between political parties, according to Pupovac, is necessary regardless of whether the partners are in power or in opposition, reports Večernji List on July 21, 2016.

“We have to create such political climate in Croatia because we are a society of divisions and conflicts, rather than cooperation. It seems to me that Andrej Plenković is a man who, while building political position of his party and fighting for power, will leave enough space for cooperation”, said Pupovac.

Without cooperation with HDZ and SDP, it is not possible to ensure political stability in the country and it is not possible to create conditions for necessary reforms and political decisions that will on the one hand strengthen political structures, and on the other hand focus on what is vitally important.

Pupovac also commented on the latest changes in HDZ leadership and said that “serious reforms will take time”, but added that Plenković was a very good choice for HDZ president, because he had no scandals, he was very educated and had a remarkable political career. Commenting on the SDP-led People’s Coalition, Pupovac said it was a “politically rational and reasonable choice” made by SDP president Zoran Milanović, who found it difficult to cope with attacks from right-wing parties and the conservative wing of the Catholic Church.

Without revealing who will be their first choice if they will be able to choose political partners after the parliamentary elections in September, Pupovac only said that they would decide in favour of the country’s political stability. Commenting on veterans’ demands for the blockade of Serbia’s accession negotiations with the European Union, he said that blockades were not useful and that they could backfire.