Domestic Gaming Industry Growing Constantly

By 14 July 2016

The cluster of Croatian computer game producers has joined the European Game Developers Federation. Along with the opportunity to exchange experiences in lobbying, this will open chances for cooperation on a regional level

Eight Croatian companies dealing with the production of video games will present their products during the Gamescom 2016 fair, to be held in the German city of Cologne, reported on July 14, 2016.

The computer games industry in Croatia is doing quite well, even by IT standards, without systemic state support. The average income growth of domestic studies dealing with the development of computer games was 55.5% annually, with an income growth of 69.1% and a growth of employees.

As they earn practically all their income abroad, presence in fairs such as Gamescom is extremely important for their business, primarily to connect with publishers and hardware producers such as Nvidia.

This year as part of the fair, which is expected to be visited by 350 thousand people from 45 countries (80 thousand of which are business visitors), they will for the first time have a specially designed stand. To compare, the domestic event of this kind, Infogamer Reboot, will mark a total of 80 thousand visitors this year.

Half of the costs of participation at the fair is being borne by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK). Secretary of the Association for IT of HGK Igor Škevin pointed out that the Chamber wishes to support the internationalisation of business of Croatian companies, entice export activities, as well as brand Croatia as a desirable IT destination.

As the cluster secretary Ante Vrdelja said, membership in the European Game Developers Federation will bring them the opportunity to exchange experiences in lobbying with countries who treat computer games the same as movies and music, but also a chance to develop cooperation on a regional level modelled upon the Nordic Games initiative. Among potential partners are Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Serbia.