En Vogue Joins Solaris Beach Club in Šibenik

By 12 July 2016

Šibenik’s famous beach club Solaris has got a new beating heart: meet En Vogue.

En Vogue is the new subpart of Solaris beach club in Šibenik. Fully enhancing the already luxurious Solaris, En Vogue boasts a restaurant, a bar serving up exclusive cocktails, a lounge area by the pool, a deck over the sea, and a super exclusive VIP lounge with 34 luxury baldachins, giving you private service and a personal hostess.


In addition to the luxurious amenities, En Vogue also boasts special parties and events with live djs, live performances, fashion and art, mixing all the elements to create a completely artistic ambiance.





Images by En Vogue

Their restaurant menu is contemporary yet affordable, offering up everything from lobster bisque to ceviche and even fish tacos! En Vogue also has on site massages to maximize your relaxation.


With daily events and sunset parties, all carrying a different and new theme, En Vogue is where you go to be seen, be comfortable, and obtain that high quality beach experience.