E-Biking in Šolta? Sign Us Up!

As we are all fully aware, cycling has been sweeping through Croatian tourism in recent years. Road biking, 5 day cycling tours, and all the pros come out to enjoy biking our unique terrain, not to mention our most stunning landscape that follows you through every pedal. But what about those of us that don’t like cycling, aren’t fit for it, or just don’t really know how?

&adventure, one of Dalmatia’s leading adventure tourism agencies has got you covered, and we promise this will be just as fun.


&adventure offers a one day E-Bike (electric bike) tour through the island of Šolta! Ideal for the less experienced cyclists, you can steer simply and easily, even through long hill distances. On the tour you will visit local wineries and taverns, fully imbibing in the island’s offerings.


Here is what your day will look like: You will start with a ferry from Split to Šolta. Once you’re back on land (and in Šolta), you’ll e-bike through, tasting traditional dishes and desserts that are unique to the area. Some of what you try will be homemade liquor, olive oils, anchovy and olive pate, octopus pasta, and Dalmatian dessert all served with local wines. On the tour you will also attend a presentation on the life of bees, tasting products such as honey, fresh pollen, propolis, and jelly.


The tour includes an e-bike, transportation, meals, wine tasting, tour guides, and local products. The price of this tour per person starts at 150.


Because you don’t need to go on an all out adventure to get an adventure, this tour is perfect for you. You can book and find more information on the &adventure website here.