England Wants Slaven Bilic For Next Team Manager!

By 28 June 2016

England is looking for a new team manager and a familiar Croatian name popped up on the list of possible replacements for Hodgson.

After Roy Hodgson resigned as England team manager following a rather surprising loss (only to those who haven't watched the entire tournament) from Iceland, England is frantically looking for his replacement, and on June 28,2016, Slaven Bilic emerged as one of the possible candidates, at least when the public and former football players were asked.

Daily Mail listed several possible candidates including Sam Allardyce, AlanPardew and Croatia's very own Slaven Bilic as the possible new England team managers. Here's what Sam Cunningham had to say about Slaven and his managerial skills: He is excellent at man-management, a strong tactician and already has experience managing a national team.

Bilic may not be English, and many argue it should at least go to a Brit, but Bilic is popular in England and knows the country, culture, and, most importantly, English football well.

The Croatian is honest and talks straight, so the fans won't be fed rubbish which breeds disillusionment. And won't be read pre-prepared statements saying things like, 'they have done fantastically, and done everything asked of them' about his squad, five minutes after they have been knocked out of the last 16 of the European Championship by Iceland.