A Street Art Festival Comes to Sisak

By 27 June 2016

For a city that is known to be typically grey, bleak, or uninviting, Sisak will now be brought to life with color as it is now home to a new street art festival named Re:Think. Inviting renowned street artists, muralists, graffiti artists and the likes to participate, this is the first ever event of its kind for the town.

The first year of Re: Think brings together some of the biggest names in street art throughout Croatia and the surrounding regions, with artists such as Lonac, Lunar, and Auks. The artists will remain in Sisak for a week, at the end of it leaving 11 conceptually and visually powerful works for the people of Sisak to enjoy.



Photo by Auks

The 26th of June was the official opening of the festival, where painting began joined by music performances and a kick off party. Running through July 2nd, the festival will end at Zibel skyscrapers, where an exhibition of photographs, music, and painting will mark the end of this year’s festival.

The closing party is in cooperation with the Zibel Association and Youth Club Skwhat.