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Never Eaten a Dormouse? Full Puhijada 2016 Programme

It is getting closer to that time of year again - perhaps Croatia's strangest festival. Puhijada 2016, or the Edible Dormouse Festival. Never tried a dormouse? Here is your chance... And don't knock it until you have tried it. It is a little bit fiddly, but grilled dormouse is rather delicious. 

The rather unusual dish is only served in three places in Croatia - grilled in Dol on Hvar, as well as in Dol on Brac, and served as a stew further up the coast in Gorski Kotor. Eating dormice may be one of the things which Dol is known for, but it has plenty of other tradition and heritage, and local association Tartajun have put together a wonderful week of activities again to celebrate the very best of Dol, culminating in the grand finale, complete with dormouse tasting on the final night. Check out a previous dormouse festival in the Hvar TV video report below, and check out the full programme for this year's event below. 

Puhijada ‘16
A Festival of Gastronomy, Culture, Sports and Entertainment

Dol, 8th – 13th August, 2016


8th to the 13th August - the Balote (Croatian Bowls) tournament "Dol Open”
on the courts in Dol every afternoon

MONDAY 8th August at 21:00 in St.Anne’s Church
an exhibition of paintings by Goran Dužević -"Dol dvori i sulari"

TUESDAY 9th August at 21:00, in the Church of Our Lady of the Village
a theatre performance by the Hvar public theatre company “Šaka zemje”

THURSDAY 11th August, at 20:00, Dom Kulture "Vir"
a Lecture by the noted academic Professor Lino Ursić entitled "The mythological - religious concept of the island of Brač"

FRIDAY 12th August at 20:00, at the sportsground in the village of Dol Sv. Ane,
the Balote (Croatian Bowls) finals of the "Dol Open”
Party afterwards organised by football club N.K "Sloga” of Dol

SATURDAY 13th August,
-in the late afternoon - Dormouse free climbing, the clowns' and street entertainers' performance
20:30 - a performance by the “Mješovita klapa sv. Duha” from Vrbanj
21:00 - the presentation of the 12th edition of “Tartajun”(the village magazine)
21:30 – performance by the “Mješovita klapa sv. Duha” from Vrbanj continues
22:30 - a performance by Dino Petrić and his group
00:00 - the performance of a group “Crvena Jabuka”

WELCOME TO “Puhijada”-the Dol Dormice festival!

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