Mountain Bike Competition Set to Begin on Sunday, Applications End Today!

By 24 June 2016

You can visit the Đurđevac area for this event only, or take your time and explore its specific locations, such as the Đurđevac Sands reserve

The Cycling Club Đurđevac invites all interested cyclists to take part in the cycling event during the largest local festival - Picokijada. On Sunday, June 26th, along with the traditional children’s and public events, the 1st recreational XCM Marathon will take place.

Two routes with feed zones have been prepared:

Rooster (A - difficult), around 70 kilometres and 1,200 metres above sea level -
Chicken (B - easier), around 45 kilometres and 700 metres above sea level -

The start fee for the XCM Marathon is 80 Kuna and includes the start number, t-shirt and meal after the race. Applications are filed with the Cycling Club Đurđevac via the link, with the application deadline on June 24th, with an optional extension that doesn’t guarantee a t-shirt.

The fastest competitors will receive medals and awards. The race is held according to fair play principles, anyone with a functional MTB and wheel sizes of 26, 27.5 and 29 inches can participate, while it is recommended to bring light repair gear in case of mishaps. Helmets are mandatory!

The organisers bear no responsibility and void any damage claims by participants or others before, during and after the XCM competition.