Interior Minister Orepić To The Hooligans: Come Back Home, We Will Solve Your Problems

Technical minister Vlaho Orepić has spoken about the problems in Croatian football stating there should be no more problems in France.

Interior Minister, Mr. Vlaho Orepić was interviewed on N1 Television on June 24, 2016, in Sinj and the part of the interview was dedicated to fan trouble in France. He said that 32 troublemakers from Saint Etienne have been identified so far.

“18 people are already in the prosecution process, part of them in Pula and most of them in Split.”

When asked about possible incidents in Lens during the upcoming Croatia - Portugal match and the cooperation with the French authorities, he kept his calm:

“We are not afraid; we will do everything to stop them.”

He sent the message to the fans fighting against the Croatian Football Federation:

“I call upon these people to come back home, there is no need for protesting this way, I promise to solve the problems these people have.”

Miro Bulj, Parliament Member who was with him in Sinj has said that incidents that happened are not the way to express discontent by the Federation officials, but has pointed out:

"When CFF is not obeying the law, and the supporters groups need to fight for the law, that means that we have hooligans both in the VIP part of the stadium and the stands alike"

One can only hope that those who plan the incidents will get the message, and especially that, this time, politicians will keep their promise.