Croatian Entrepreneurs Talk About the Economic Effects of Brexit

By 24 June 2016

Croatian entrepreneurs discuss the Brexit vote on Facebook.

The Brexit decision has already caused turmoil on the financial market, just as the financial analysts predicted. The Pound plummeted to the lowest level since 1985 taking the Euro down with it, showing falls that were not seen even during the financial crisis in 2008.  

As reported by on July 24,2016, some Croatian entrepreneurs took to their Facebook walls and expressed their opinion on what is currently happening and what they predict in the future. Nenad Bakic for instance wrote: “Don’t panic! This is a strong overreaction on all fronts: currency, stock etc… I simply don’t think that this is the reason why “Germany Inc” is now worth 9% less (in the last week, for instance, the DAX rose by approximately 5%), and if we take into account the drop of Euro, looking at it from the US, almost 14% less”. Bakic also commented that this means British tourists will spend a bit less and London will become a slightly cheaper city.

Another entrepreneur, Hrvoje Prpic, was a lot harsher in his predictions. He advised people not to take out any loans in the next year or two until things stabilize and it becomes clear how the situation will resolve “Just remember 2008. The chances of it repeating (financial crisis) are very real again” Prpic added.