Slovakian Prime Turist Resort One Step Closer to Taking Over Suncani Hvar

By 22 June 2016

The Slovakian company now owns  shares that amount to 61.95% of the company’s capital stock, and they decided against purchasing more stock at the public auction last week since the asking price set by the state was simply too high.

Slovakian company Prime Tourist Resort received the approval from the Croatian financial service monitoring agency to publish the offer for the takeover of Suncani Hvar at 21.37 kuna per share. The company currently owns 1.03 million regular shares of Suncani Hvar or 61.95% of the company’s capital stock.

The state tried to sell its shares of Suncani Hvar in a public auction through the Zagreb stock exchange last week, but there were no takers. The state offered 5.8 million regular shares (29.94% of the company’s share stock) at 28 kuna per share which was quite optimistic, especially since the current Croatian government is a technical one and no one, especially the Slovakian company, is willing to pay such a high price when there’s no one in the government at the moment with authority to make financial decisions of this magnitude.

The price of Suncani Hvar stock at the Zagreb stock exchange is currently 23.99 kuna per share.