Šuker And Mamić Celebrate Croatia’s Win With Hajduk’s Scarf

Hajduk’s supporters are outraged with the mockery of officials from the Croatian Football Association.

It should be a great day for Croatian football. The national team beat the reigning European Champions, there were no flares in the stands, it seemed that there would be no more stories about the hooligans. But the officials who are the real reason for all the troubles of Croatian Football have taken care to turn attention away from the pitch once again. On June 21. 2016, they posed for an unknown photographer with a Hajduk Split scarf and raised outrage among the club’s supporters.

It was a mere provocation, although we do not doubt that they will try to claim otherwise, as the relations between the Federation and Hajduk are known to be at the lowest level of respect and understanding.

There is one more fact raising eyebrows, and not only between the Hajduk supporters. In the picture, apparently taken at the VIP part of the Bordeaux Stadium, there are people often seen in the police reports, and facing court trials.

Zdravko Mamić and Tomislav Horvatinčić

Unfortunately, the excellent performance by Ivan Perišić, Nikola Kalinić, Danijel Subašić, and Darijo Srna will be shadowed by this silly photography. There will be those who will try to connect the fact that all of the players mentioned have Hajduk origins, and that the officials were paying respect to the club, but the smiles claim otherwise.

And, as we have mentioned the origins of those players, it will be interesting to hear their reaction to the matter, especially from Danijel Subašić, who has reacted publicly to similar events in the past.

As we feel that the players have suffered injustice once again by the officials, TCN will bring the full report on their individual performance in yesterday’s game in a separate article as we feel that they deserve to be distanced from the officials.