Karamarko Resigns as HDZ President

By 21 June 2016

As expected, HDZ will soon get a new president.

Tomislav Karamarko has resigned as HDZ president. He announced the news at this morning’s press conference, which will be followed by a meeting of the party presidency.

Andrej Plenković, HDZ’s member of European Parliament, announced yesterday that he would run for the new HDZ president, and it is assumed that he will receive the support of the majority of current HDZ leadership.

“My duty is to inform you that I am resigning as HDZ president”, said Karamarko. “The reasons are clear. I had promised to the party that I would form a new parliamentary majority, but I have failed”, said Karamarko. He added that he considered himself to be a responsible person and that his party must go on and win. “I believe that with this decision I will open the possibility for a new momentum for the party”, said Karamarko.

Answering a question, Karamarko said he did not see anyone as the new president and added that he hoped there would be several candidates. “To my successors, I wish them to do their job well and to be successful”, said Karamarko. He did not agree with claims that the previous government would survive if he withdrew earlier. “The government was dysfunctional, I was bothered by people ignoring HDZ. We did not have access to important decisions, and MOST took all the important ministries. I could not allow party to be humiliated”, said Karamarko. Asked whether he expected to be expelled from the party, Karamarko said there was no need for that. “I will try to be on good terms with the party”, he said.