Three Ideal Hiking Spots near Croatia’s Capital

By 20 June 2016

Fans of mountain hiking will appreciate the trails of Medvednica, Žumberak and Oštrc.

The hilly areas around Zagreb are perfect for hiking for beginners and more experiences hikers alike. The fabulous nature and more difficult ascents are also attractive to those who have been in mountaineering for a long time, reports on June 20, 2016.

The first and very obvious choice is Medvednica. Zagreb “lives actively” with Medvednica every day of every season. This protected oasis has numerous picnic areas and offers a variety of recreational opportunities, including active holidays, outings, and pretty much everything a modern person needs for a healthier life and stress relief. The highest peak is situated at an altitude of 1033 metres above sea level.

200616 1 Mountain1

Twenty kilometres west of Zagreb lies Žumberak, a nature park and natural border between Croatia and Slovenia. Following the easiest route through the highlands, the one made of asphalt curves, hikers will encounter numerous streams and streamlets that Žumberak abounds in. Believe it or not, there are uninhabited villages around here – a sad and hard to believe fact. Population of Žumberak originates partly from Uskoks, who were retreating from Turks and settled in the area which was easier to defend. They brought with them a dialect from the coastal areas.

200616 1 Mountain2

West of the capital there is another popular hiking destination – Oštrc. This one is located near Samobor, about thirty kilometres from downtown Zagreb. It is relatively easy to climb to the top of it, and a good chunk of the journey can be travelled by car, so it is a perfect place for families with small children. For those more ambitions climbers, an ascent from Rude, over Ptičiji Vrh, is recommended. This would be an hour and a half walk which offers a fantastic view of the Samobor highlands. If you are not sure which way to go from Rude, feel free to ask the locals who are used to hikers and mountain climbers.

200616 1 Mountain3

These three mountains are all great sites for those who are striving to lead a more active, healthier life. Remember that all of them get even more magical and spectacular in the winter, under the shiny white blanket.