Czech Lifeguard Living in Split Talking About Croatia – Czech Republic Match

Nikola Stracarova, a Czech lifeguard and sport management student living in Split talked with TCN’s Goran Antonijević, and not only about the upcoming clash between Croatia and Czech Republic at EURO 2016.

We met a few weeks ago, as we were reporting about lifeguard training in Dalmatia, and were surprised by the fact that one of the lifeguards getting the licence for that hard job is from Brno. Nikola Stracarova came to Split to study sport management at Aspira University, but she would like to stay longer, as she is overwhelmed by the quality of life in Dalmatia. We met again on June 16. 2016 to talk about her life in Split, and of course, about tomorrow’s game.

When did you come to Split, and how long do you plan to stay?

I came in March, and as I am on a student exchange, the plan was to leave these days, but I decided to stay for a bit more and work as a lifeguard, and if I find some internship, I would like to prolong my stay here.

What do you like about Split so much that you decided to stay?

I love Split and its lifestyle. I love the atmosphere, people, sea, the smell of it all, everything about Split. And what I simply adore is the “pomalo” way of life. That is the best thing about life in Split. I want to stay here as long as possible.

I have to ask this question; do you miss Czech beers?

(laughing) No, Croatian beers are good too, and I do like beer, I am Czech after all, but I like wine even more, so Dalmatia was the obvious choice.

Czech girls adopting "pomalo" attitude at Split's Riva

Ok, beer aside, do you follow football?

Of course, especially when there is a big tournament going on. And living in Split, I could not avoid attending the Hajduk – Dinamo match this spring. I was stunned by the atmosphere. Of course, when I mention my Czech origins in Split, I get reminded that Hajduk was founded in Prague.

And on the subject; have you watched the first round games of tomorrow's opponents?

Yes, of course; I think that our team was good in the first game, I was afraid that they would be humiliated, but it ended up ok at the end, even though we lost in the end, but Spain is one of the best teams in the world.

What about watching Croatia with its supporters?

I watched that game in the big campus hall; it was crazy. The hall was packed, and when Croatia scored, everybody went nuts. Firecrackers, horns, and much more… But I really like that emotion.

What is Your prediction for the game tomorrow?

Oh, that is a hard question. I think that the match will be a tough one. I hope that we will win, but that is just hope, I am afraid, as I think Croatia has a very, very good team. I would be happiest if both teams would go through to the playoff round.

As we felt it was the perfect way to end the interview, we agreed on that note and wished for this Czech young lady’s hopes to come through, and not only football ones.