MOST: We Support Prime Minister Orešković, HDZ Should Show Us Its “Majority”

By 9 June 2016

Božo Petrov dares HDZ to show him the numbers.

Deputy Prime Minister and MOST president Božo Petrov said on Thursday that he and Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković would not resign, but that HDZ president and First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko should leave the government, reports Index.hr on June 9, 2016.

Speaking after HDZ secretary general Milošević announced that HDZ has new parliamentary majority, Petrov said: “MOST will not participate in any political trading. We have suffered attacks, I have offered my head on a platter, even I do not know why. They have declined everything. This is not HDZ, this is a collection of individuals with private interests. HDZ should show us the 76 votes in Parliament or let’s have new elections.”

“I still hope that reason will prevail and that this government will get a new opportunity. I was with my MPs last night, we are ready to die for one another, no one is going to sell himself. We are all united. This whole situation has arisen because of political irresponsibility of just one person. We have given more than one chance to HDZ. They should line up their MPs in Parliament and show us they are not bluffing”, concluded Petrov.

Economy Minister Tomislav Panenić (MOST) confirmed that MOST was firm in its demand for Karamarko to leave and for Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković to stay. Asked what he thought about the rumours that new prime minister would be Finance Minister Zdravko Marić, Panenić reiterated that MOST was against any reshuffle within the government.

In the meantime, Ranko Ostojić (SDP) announced that SDP had started gathering MP’s signatures for the dissolution of Parliament. “That is the best thing we can do at this moment. We will invite all MPs who are responsible and who believe that new elections are a way out of this agony”, said Ostojić who declined to say how many signatures they have collected so far.

“When we gather all the signatures, than you will be able to see the names. HDZ has launched the reshuffle in order for Karamarko to be protected”, explained Ostojić, who added that the party would collect the signatures as soon as possible.