Meneghetti to Become Luxury Wine Hotel

By 9 June 2016

The adaptation will be done by the end of summer, with plenty of novelties

Works on the reconstruction and expansion of Stancia Meneghetti began at the start of the current year. This luxury wine destination is set to reopen at the end of August, created from an old Istrian residence settled in Bale, halfway between Rovinj and Pula. The complex will sparkle with a new luxury wine hotel with 26 high class accommodation units, of which 16 will be spacious two-storey residences spanning 75 square metres, each with its own 50 square metre garden. Many additional facilities are being added - two outdoor pools, one inner pool, fitness & spa centre, new salon and bar. Meneghetti restaurant will also expand its indoor and outdoor seating capacity to 70, reports on June 7, 2016.

In the meantime, far from the hustle and bustle of construction works, main chefs of Meneghetti restaurants Danijela Pifar and Bojan Vuković are on a mini wine&gourmet tour, visiting several top notch restaurants across Croatia where they created unique menus based on combining tastes of Istria with different influences typical of the local area. In the week before the arranged dinners in host restaurants, wine promotions were held where guests could get to know wines from the Meneghetti winery.

Danijela Pifar i Bojan Vuković are a dynamic chef duo who have over a decade and a half been turning traditional Istrian recipes into new culinary delights through fantasy filled modern interpretations of their meals. The two met and united in 2002 in the kitchen of famed Pula restaurant Valsabbion, where regional gastronomy boundaries were expanded in those years. In 2012 they moved to Meneghetti where they run the kitchen on equal terms, a unique case in this region. Their sophisticated culinary expression is an image of the dynamic relationship of rural and urban Istria, based exclusively on fresh produce of local suppliers.