For The Best Game of Thrones Tour in Croatia, Look No Further!

It seems that 90% of the world’s population either watches or has at least seen an episode of Game of Thrones. Arguably the largest phenomenon of the decade, you’re either hearing about it, talking about it, or trying to live it. Which brings us to our next point: in Croatia, we are lucky enough to boast many of the filming locations in Game of Thrones, and we’re here to tell you about one of the best tours to live, breathe, and be as close as you can to the Game of Thrones lifestyle.

Vetus Itinera, a unique and tailor made travel agency specializes in well, making the most custom and exclusive tours for you and your groups. Although they have a selection of tours such as sea kayaking in Marjan to a jeep safari in Hvar, one in particular they are best at (and we mean THE best - Fortune Magazine even said so) is their incomparable Game of Thrones tours. With an extensive selection of 1 day, 5 day, tailor made and multi day international tours, Vetus Itinera really has it all.


Their international multi day tour may be the most unique, creating a one of a kind experience connecting every Game of Thrones filming location throughout the world. On this tour you visit Iceland, North Ireland, Malta, and Croatia, ensuring you are on the Game of Thrones adventure of your lifetime. This is definitely an original experience and we’d be hard pressed to find anyone else in the world that crafts a tour as cool as this one.


Their one day tours are action packed, and they are the only Game of Thrones tour in Split that actually visits all six filming locations in Split. Starting from Diocletian’s Palace, this tour takes you on a journey from the watermill to the quarry, Villa Dalmacija to Kaštela, and ending with dinner at Klis Fortress. And we don’t mean just dinner, we mean an authentic medieval style meal with Game of Thrones style cutlery, homemade warm bread, gauntlets of wine and old school peka specialities (peka is our way of cooking “under the bell”).


The five day tour starts in Split where you’ll have hotel accommodation included. Day one begins with a drive to Šibenik to see the New Throne, also visiting NP Krka and dinner at an agritourism farm. Day two leads you through Kaštela and Trogir, with dinner at a winery and wine tasting. Day three takes you through the blue and green secrets of Imotski, driving to Baško Polje to see filming locations along with a guided tour of the famous red and blue lakes. The ever so famous King’s Landing in Dubrovnik is next, where you’ll also have a guided tour of Arboretum Trsteno. The final day ends in Split, with a Diocletian’s basement guided tour, a Klis fortress tour and a quarry and watermill tour. Other five day tour itinerary options you can find here.


The best part? Everything is included in the price of the tour, whether it be dinner or your hotel, even your private drivers! You don’t have to think twice as Vetus Itinera will do it all for you. Their guides are knowledgable and have all actually worked on set at the filming locations throughout Croatia, boasting insider information and photos. They cater to you and organize pick ups where clients of the tour are staying, and each tour will always have a private guide and chauffeur.


What are you waiting for? You can contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call them at +385 (0)98 180 2609. Website for Game of Throne’s tours here.