For the First Time in Decades, Croatian Radio Cancels its Weekly Government Talk Show Due to Lack of Guests

By 8 June 2016

How do you go ahead with the show called "And now...the government" when you have no idea who's actually governing this country?

Weekly radio show "And now...the Government" which has been airing on Croatian national radio every Wednesday for decades with either the PM, his deputies or current ministers as main guests, was cancelled for the first time on June 8, 2016, due to the "specific situation within the Government".

This was announced during the morning news report, and, as the editors Eliana Candrlic and Marija Gerbec Njavro admitted, the reason why no one from the government will be discussing important current issues live on air is that they just could not get anyone to come to the studio!

This is just another event surrounding the anything but a boring situation in the Parliament, with press conferences being called left right and centre and opinions being changed more often than most people change their socks.

In the meantime, instead of a heated discussion on current affairs, listeners can enjoy a musical intermezzo. Probably a much better choice than yet another endless and pointless attempt to try and explain what in the world is going on within the Government. While the music plays, we'll keep an eye on today's Parliament and Government cabinet sessions and keep you posted on the latest developments, if you can even keep track anymore.