Karamarko: We Initiate Motion of No Confidence against Prime Minister

By 7 June 2016

HDZ president Tomislav Karamarko announces his party’s next moves.

HDZ president and First Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Karamarko held a press conference this morning and announced his party’s next move.

“HDZ will initiative a procedure for a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković. We have seen there is a situation which is not good, because the government is dysfunctional. The most important thing is relations between the parliament majority and the Prime Minister. As the largest parliamentary party which is the foundation of this government, we want our party programme to be implemented.

We should stop with arguments, bad relations. Croatia does not have time or patience for such relations. Government should be homogenous and united if it wants to achieve its goals which are reforms. In this situation, this is not possible.

With this shock we want to show everybody that interests of our state are more important than personal or party interests.  HDZ calls on all stakeholders to get serious. We have lost a lot of time, but there is still enough time for a reshuffled government to do its job.

This decision was made several days ago on the meeting of the party president.

I do not want to attack anybody, but the situation is difficult. HDZ can no longer take part in this travesty. If the Prime Minister decides to demand resignations of two party leaders which have brought him to power, that is not normal.

We have launched this procedure, because we need to be responsible in front of our voters and Croatian citizens. There is no more time. This is a bad story and we do not want to continue.

I am ready to do anything that will consolidate the situation, but I will not allow further blackmail against HDZ, and bad personnel decisions. Reforms can be implemented only with new people.

HDZ must be respected, both by the Prime Minister and by our partners.

We have to end current situation, we cannot allow our credit rating to fall further because government members cannot agree on anything.

We are ready for elections, but Croatia does not have time for that.

I appeal on everybody to think carefully about where we are and what we should do. MOST was not a credible partner, but I am not saying that MOST’s people are not trustworthy. However, I think they had wrong tactics.”

Interestingly, Karamarko was surrounded by members of party leadership, but MIlijan Brkić, deputy party president, was not present.