Sound & Vision Season Opener at Robinson Camp!

Sound & Vision is opening their season this Saturday, June 11 at Robinson camp on the Mrežnica river!

A place to escape from the city noise and exhausting, busy, everyday worklife, join Sound & Vision to seek refreshment in the beautiful green surroundings and crystal clear mirror of the river Mrežnica! Essentially untouched nature, this location offers a wealth of leisure options, from the refreshing river to the wooded shore. There are even natural hydro-massages at the nearby waterfalls!

For your musical pleasure, Omen, a resident DJ, will be playing your choice of vinyl in an effort to bring the heat to this year’s opening party.

Here is the program:

Vision by Day (15:00 - 20:00)

- For enjoying the nature, swimming, drinks at the bar, resting under shaded trees and dancing under the sun

Sound by Night (22:00 - TBA)

- For those that want to camp, dance under the moonlight, and enjoy until the sun comes up

For the adventurers who opt for option B, it should be noted that it is possible to bring your own tents and spend the night in the camp. For others, there are a limited number of houses that need to be booked in advance, considering the number of participants is limited. In terms of food, adventurers are free to bring their own grills and dishes. For those lazy or relaxed, a standard selection of drinks will be available at the bar, as well as food.

Special prices for accommodation during the opening ceremony:
- Camping (sleeping in your own tent) = 30kn per person
- Kućenje (sleeping in a house pre-booked) = 50kn per person

Admission: FREE!


Robinson Camp is located at Gornji Zvečaj bb, 47262 Gornji Zvečaj, Karlovačka.