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Museum of Broken Relationships Opens Franchise in Los Angeles

By 4 June 2016

Museum of Broken Relationships has found another home across the ocean.

After several months of preparations, the very first franchise of Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships is to open in Los Angeles. “Although we have started talks about issuing the franchise licence to American lawyer and collector John B. Quinn during the spring 2015, I only realized the true significance of this project just the other day when I walked to the new location on the Hollywood Boulevard and saw the inscription Museum of Broken Relationships. This is the result of a 10-year effort, of our knowledge, risks and persistence”, said Olinka Vištica, co-owner of the Museum of Broken Relationships, reports on June 4, 2016.

John B. Quinn, 64, was travelling through Zagreb with his family last year and they went to the museum, as is the case with about 400 foreign tourists daily. Quinn, a businessman and a co-founder of the one of the most profitable and most powerful attorney offices, Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan from Los Angeles, which employs 700 lawyers around the world, has made up his mind about the museum in just a few days.

Fascinated by the entire concept, which offers everyone an opportunity to overcome an emotional shock in a creative manner, he has decided to open a franchise in Los Angeles. He told the Wall Street Journal before opening that everyone has had this kind of relationship experience sometime in their life.

Meanwhile, no one was very surprised by his latest business move. A year before Quinn was in Tokyo, where he fell in love with sushi plates made by chef Hiroyuki Naruka. He brought him to Los Angeles and opened a restaurant.

Museum of Broken Relationships in Los Angeles is the first franchise of the project which was started by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić and, according to Quinn, he has invested over one million dollars in the opening of the franchise. The VIP guests saw it on 3 June, while the museum will open its doors for everyone today. The museum covers over 1,000 square metres and includes about 300 donated items. According to Quinn, the museum is an opportunity for visitors from around the world to feel and share the emotions and memories of others in one place.