HDZ Trying to Find 76 MPs to Support Karamarko as Prime Minister

By 4 June 2016

If Karamarko does not form the government, new elections are inevitable.

Even before the press conference which was held by Tomislav Karamarko on Friday afternoon, sources from HDZ leadership said that he would reject the demand of Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković to resign from the government and that he would instead ask Orešković to resign himself, reports Jutarnji List on June 4, 2016.

“Orešković will resign himself or HDZ will bring him down”, said the source who claims that HDZ will manage to form a new ruling majority. “Orešković’s appeal to Karamarko and MOST leader Božo Petrov to resign is a farce, because Petrov had already earlier said he would withdraw from the government and return to Metković. Thus, the Prime Minister once again was not neutral as he tried to present himself, but actually supported MOST”, said the source.

As for the Orešković’s statement that on Thursday he went to an urgent meeting at the Security Intelligence Agency (SOA), they consider it to be a political spin and an attempt at intimidation.

HDZ leadership yesterday had a number of reasons why they thought that the Prime Minister should be the one to resign. “We are disappointed that Orešković very quickly forgot who brought him to the position of Prime Minister”, adding that they specially resented the fact that he had continuous stood by MOST which protected SDP's officials who were part of the previous government.

“It was especially insulting and humiliating when Orešković presented a package of reforms to the Parliamentary Group of the Patriotic Coalition, and where he expressed his gratitude to Jakša Puljiz, who is an SDP man”, said the source, who also mentioned a months-long story about dismissal of SOA director Dragan Lozančić.

Although part of the HDZ leadership say they already have a new majority, many in HDZ doubt that. They point out that the HDZ leadership in the past two days had been frantically trying to gather 76 MPs, but that they still had not succeeded. Apparently, they are also counting on a few of MOST’s MPs.

“The plan is not going according to expectations because some MPs still refuse to support Karamarko. Some are willing to support the government, but without Karamarko. The plan of the party leadership is to force Orešković to resign, in order to have another 30 days to form a new government. But, I think that will fail because many point out that Karamarko is the main burden for the party”, said a source from HDZ, who believes that Karamarko will not resign himself.

“He will fight frantically to the very end” said the source, adding that there are more and more people within HDZ who believe that Karamarko should go. “If there are new elections, we will be decimated”, said the source.

It is interesting that so far the newly-elected party Presidency has not held even one session. “Who is making decision? The fact that the Presidency has not met is telling”, said the source, pointing out that the Presidency is dominated by people supporting HDZ’s deputy president Milijan Brkić. However, after the latest dramatic events, a meeting of the Presidency will be held later today.