Top-Class Chefs Cook in Korčula

By 3 June 2016

A dream of every food lover – an exceptional venue and top quality specialties.

The island of Korčula, a medieval beauty and a birthplace of Marco Polo, has recently welcomed five best chefs of the Relais&Chateaux group. Balancing between traditional and modern cuisine, various tastes and techniques, red and white wines, they cooked with pleasure and exceptional skill at the world-famous, luxurious hotel Palača Lešić-Dimitri where the Silk Road once started, reports Večernji List on June 3, 2016.

Relais&Chateaux group is an international association of exclusive and luxurious small hotels, and Palača Lešić-Dimitri is a part of it. What makes these hotels so special, among other things, are master chefs that gathered last Saturday in Korčula.

Although the price of the dinner spectacle was pretty high, the culinary event was sold out and recognized by both local and foreign food lovers. The manifestation itself started several days earlier with gastronomic dinners and guest-chefs, and all the funds were donated to various associations.

The concept of the dinner spectacle includes five chefs cooking simultaneously in five different apartments, while the visitors had the opportunity to taste all the meals. Korčula’s representative was chef Toni Erceg from Palača Lešić-Dimitri. Also cooking were Andrej Barbieri, an internationally recognized chef from Hotel Bevanda, as well as some other global stars like Antonio Mosca, Mark Lundgaard, Daniela Tifarand and Bojan Vuković. All guests were able to watch the chefs cook and listen to their explanations of the process. They were making a palette of delicious meals, from oysters and sea urchins to beef cheeks that were being slow-cooked for six hours.

A welcome addition to the event were wines from the island, such as Pošip, Postup, Dingač, and other local favorites. Both chefs and visitors were thrilled with the event and not only because of the food. They were delighted with the authenticity of the small medieval town that makes everything look, smell and sound better.