At HDZ Party Congress, Karamarko Launches Another Attack against MOST

By 28 May 2016

The 17th HDZ Party Congress starts in an atmosphere of crisis in the ruling coalition.

The 17th HDZ Party Congress started at noon on Saturday. The delegates will elect the deputy president, vice-presidents and members of the HDZ Presidency and other bodies for the next four years. In addition to about two thousand party delegates, the congress brought together HDZ partners in government, with the exception of MOST which did not send its representatives, reports Novi List on May 28, 2016.

The congress was opened by Milijan Brkić, HDZ secretary general and the only candidate for deputy party president. Among the first speakers was Prime Minister Tihomir Orešković who thanked HDZ for their support to him as the Prime Minister, adding that attempts to destabilize his government will fail. “HDZ has significantly contributed to the creation of an independent and free Croatia and therefore I am sure that it will primarily take into account the interests of the state and its citizens. Every government is as strong as its members are, and that is the only way we can fulfill what we have promised to the citizens”, said Orešković. “We are exposed to many attacks and attempts to destabilize not only the government, but also the entire society. I can openly say that such attempts will fail”, concluded the Prime Minister.

Next followed speeches of HDZ’s partner parties. Pero Ćorić (HSP AS) said that MOST was trying to “bring the gentlemen from the left-wing back to power”, added that his party was ready for new elections. Milivoj Špika (BUZ) said that citizens expected them to support Karamarko. “BUZ was the first to board the ship of the Patriotic Coalition and we will remain there until the end, even if the ship turns out to be a submarine”, said Špika. “Tomica, take responsibility in your own hands and let us build Croatia together”, said Milan Bandić to Karamarko. The Zagreb Mayor and president of the Bandić Milan 365 Party said that Croatia needed more unity and mutual trust. “The public expects you to take responsibility, draw a line as the boss of the main party which has taken over responsibility for governing of Croatia", said Bandić to Karamarko.

The keynote address was given by HDZ president and First Deputy Prime Minister Karamarko, who accused MOST of trying to bring down the government together with SDP and to bring Zoran Milanović back to power. He said that HDZ was the main party which is being attacked by “the ones who only speak about reforms, but only at the level of media spins, while their only real desire is personal promotion”. “Behind the mask, there is no content, no desire for growth, no desire for real change. They want to hold the country as a hostage”, continued Karamarko. He emphasized that HDZ had understanding for MOST. “We considered their disorientation to be a result of their political inexperience, as something that will pass quickly, but Croatia does not have time to wait, no time for empty political games, no time for another failure, no time for another elections. We need a strong and decisive government that will protect and promote national interests. Croatia needs a strong HDZ and on this issue we will not give in”, he said.

“Do not worry, we will not allow SDP and MOST to succeed in their plan and bring down this reform government, a government that has launched a series of reforms. We will not allow them to bring down the government and return Zoran Milanović to power”, said Karamarko.

Karamarko also said that the government would know how to protect Croatian national interests in INA. “It is of strategic importance to improve our energy policies. Croatia needs to continue to develop the production and processing of oil and gas, and it cannot be done without INA, which was, is and always will be our strategic company”, said Karamarko. As one of the key energy projects, Karamarko listed the LNG terminal on the island of Krk. “The interest of our government and our party is for this strategic project to be implemented with the help of our allies from the United States”, Karamarko said.