Modern Winery Project in Slavonia Wins Award in Italy

The "Two architects" studio has been awarded by the respected magazine The Plan for a modern winery project in Radovanci near Požega.

In the Production category, The Plan magazine recognized the winery project at an event held in Venice on May 25, authored by the Croatian architecture studio "Two architects", reports on May 28, 2016.
In the words of the architects: "The winery in Radovanci is a project made for our client, a successful winemaker. The Požega Golden valley is marked by a pleasant altitude level, mostly southern orientation and continental climate features with gradual transition from summer to autumn, making it ideal for winemaking. In designing it the greatest challenge was blending in to the pristine nature, so a logical choice was to use the existing hill and excavate it so winery facilities could be placed within. This approach, in terms of temperature, moisture and light is most convenient to the main occupant of the building - wine. Along with the production facility the winery also hold a tasting area."

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