A Dog Park in Blatine: "Vau Park"

"Wow Park” (Vau Park) on Šimićevoj street in Blatine is up and running! Fully fenced and safe for your dogs, there is also agility training equipment for sporting dogs donated by the company "Animal World” (Životinjski svijet).

The President of the City District of Blatine-Škrape, Davor Matijevic, said that all that is left to do is to have water available for the dogs at the park so that everything will be fully good to go. The park is 1200 square meters.


The city of Split paid for the fence, with the rest contributed by donations. “Wow Park” has paved the way for other districts in Split to come together on behalf of their animals to make more animal parks happen throughout the city.


What may come next for Blatine are hopefully plans to house dogs in cooperation with animal associations, and to also consider the possibility of organizing shelters for abandoned and stray cats.


The ultimate goal: love your animals!