14 Direct International Flights for Dubrovnik This Winter

By 23 May 2016

Dubrovnik is on the right path to becoming a year-round destination.

It’s no secret off-season flight connections are one of the main problems when it comes to extreme seasonality of Croatian tourism, but Dubrovnik is working hard to overcome this obstacle. From last year’s minimal flight coverage in winter, Dubrovnik is on the right path to becoming one of the best-connected airports in Croatia.

As announced in the official press release sent by the mayor’s office and Dubrovnik Tourist Board on May 22, 2016, this coming winter Dubrovnik will be connected with 14 international destinations.

Along with the direct connections with Istanbul and Frankfurt three times a week, 2 Barcelona flights and 4 direct flights to Rome every week, negotiations for two weekly flights from and to London are in their final stage.

„Until 6 months ago, lack of direct flights to and from Dubrovnik was often noted as the biggest problem for winter tourism in Dubrovnik. We are still working on two weekly return flight to New York and the reason for this is the increased number of arrivals from the US. We have also started negotiations for direct flights from Brussels, also two times a week” said Andro Vlahušić, Dubrovnik Dubrovik.  

In short, brighter days are ahead for Dubrovnik tourism.