Villas With Swimming Pools in Imotski? You Heard That Right!

Over the past 6 years, Imotski (a part of our Dalmatian hinterland) has more than 10 times increased the number of vacation homes, and today it is has registered its 100th property in this part of inland Dalmatia. This quick growth for the region  has put Inland Dalmatia and Imotski on Croatian the tourist map. Just from Easter this year, the market has placed as many as 30 newly renovated villas, increasing this number each year by 50 percent! Imotski, which in 2006 had only two small accommodation facilities, as of 2016 boasts two hotels, one camp, 13 bed and breakfasts and even 84 luxury houses that nearly all have swimming pools.

Imoćani since 2010 have invested a total of about 7 million euros into catering facilities for accommodation of tourists, transforming the forefathers of Zagora into modern tourists that would not be embarrassed by a visit from celebrities. A plentiful amount of mostly stone houses found their way into the hearts of discerning European guests who have discovered the beauty of the Dalmatian hinterland. Compared to their neighbors, Imotski now has 30 holiday villas on the market, whereas in in Proložac and Podbablje there were only 15.


This year's season in Imotski already has 15 to 20 weeks of reservations. Many of the apartment owners on the coast can still only dream of that number, as according to current provisions, they can usually only book about 10-12 weeks at a time, and those working for several years with an average occupancy can get about 17 weeks.


“Our hosts usually work through the agency, and the first guests arrive at the end of May and usually stay in their luxury villas with swimming pools until October” says Luka Kolovrat, Director of the Tourist Board of Imotski.


Although most of the villas are only about 30 kilometers from the Makarska Riviera, the guests coming into the Dalmatian hinterland are very different from those traveling through the Dalmatian coast. Specifically, while the nearby Riviera hosts many Czechs and Poles, Germans make up as much as 60 percent of the visitors in Imotski! Following the Germans are many Scandinavians, Poles and the French. The most common villas rented are for families or larger parties that can accommodate as many as 8-20 people at the same time.


Tempted for a trip to the Dalmatian hinterland? We know we are!