Pauletic Vs Mesic Very Public Feud Continues

By 20 May 2016

After Pauletić's less than gentle Facebook comments, former president Mesic retaliated on Radio Dalmacija. And it wasn't pretty.

Deputy tourism minister Robert Pauletić turned to Facebook on May 19, 2016, to voice his opinion on former Croatian president Stjepan Mesić after his office was formally dismissed by the parliament.

"He's a washed up caricature of a politician, an old man crippled by the sick need for power and blinded by his own illusion of importance to that extent that, from what I hear, he is even fantasizing of running for president again. ..His insinuations that Božo Petrov has something against his antifascism only strip down the hysteric methods of the ultra-leftists to initiate the rise of fascist tendencies in Croatia. Just so they, professional ultra-leftists, that are actually nothing more than professional parasites, can once again find meaning in their existence. That’s Mesic’s motto: all of those who don’t like and respect me are fascists! But, realistically, one cannot expect for Mesić to realise his nothing more than a washed up and failed politician, irrelevant old man and the State can no longer afford to pay his mirage that he is still a Statesman of global importance. Dear Lord, when I think of some characters that used to be presidents of this poor country…  "It didn't take long

It didn't take long for former president Mesić to retaliate, no holds barred, with his statement for Radio Dalmacija. He said he has no need to comment Pauletić's words and that he has no idea who Pauletić is anyway: "But out of pure principle I will say this. When you stir muddy waters, shit will emerge on the surface".  

Of course, Pauletić didn't keep quiet after Mesić's colourful statement and said "He's a ridiculous caricature. I won't even mention affairs surroundings presidency such as the Patria contract, corruption, and bribery, the Hague transcripts etc. As for his statement, it perfectly describes him as a person and a politician".

Ah, get a room you two.