Best Job in Croatia? Member of Parliament, of Course!

By 20 May 2016

Even though bank holiday is on Thursday, our MPs will have the entire week off. 

Ever wondered why our politicians are fighting so hard to get into the parliament and stay there? Great pay, flexible hours, almost zero responsibility and of course loads of days off. As reported by Index.hr on May 20, 2016, Croatian MPs, yes, the very same ones who cannot show up to the Parliament building to vote so we've only had a quorum once in three weeks, and only because they were voting to dismiss the office of the former Croatian president Stipe Mesić, will have a full week off next week. Why? Well, there's a National holiday on Thursday and since they are masters of combining free days they've now outdone themselves. And this goes out to all the representatives from all the parties left, right and centre.  

But let's go back to the session when they were actually able to vote because they finally had a quorum. The vote took place just before 11 AM and most of the MPs were there and only after party leaders more or less publicly threatened members from their own ranks that some of their privileges will be revoked unless they show up. After the all important vote, the session continued but the subjects covered were so interesting and of crucial importance that the number of MPs in the room was decreasing by the minute so by 1 PM only 30 of them were still present.


Photo by Index.hr


The assembly continued yesterday, and since they didn’t have to vote on anything MPs decided they had better things to do so the room once again looked like a ghost town, And even though they all keep repeating that the situation in the country is beyond alarming, the Parliament will not convene at all next week:

“The Parliament will not meet next week and we will continue our plenary assembly on June 1” this was the short and sweet answer Index received from the Parliament after they asked for a confirmation of their extremely busy schedule. And just in case you were wondering, on May 26th we’re celebrating Corpus Christi, which is a National holiday in Croatia. But since it falls on a Thursday, Parliament decided it would be such a pity not to make a long weekend out of it. Oh, what the heck, let’s make it a whole week.