Analysis Of Croatian Football League - Part One: Dinamo

In the series of articles, TCN is reviewing the Croatian football clubs' success in the season. Today we bring you the analysis of the champion’s season.

Dinamo has won the trifecta in Croatian football this season. Again. It seems that is to remain so if non-football issues do not prevail. They finished the season with 26 wins, 7 draws, and 3 losses, scoring 67 and conceding 19 goals, both being the best in the league. The best scorer, ending the season with 13 goals was Armin Hodžić. Average attendance for the home games was 3798 people per game. Dinamo was competing in the Champions League and finished last in their group with three points.

Highlight of the season:

The first round of the Croatian Football League and Hajduk is coming to town. The biggest derby of Croatian football. Mamić brothers are in detention. Dinamo’s supporters stage a celebration, packing the bleachers after a long time of absence, the guests came in high numbers, as usual. The atmosphere was spectacular, as it should be when this match is in order. A great start to the season.

Last round of the season. Dinamo is a guest at its own stadium, playing Lokomotiva in what should be the celebration of the title. Seven hundred and fifty people attended. A sad way to finish the season, and a big question mark on the meaning of it all.

Player of the season:

Marko Pjaca. The match winner, and a great prospect for the future. He was a bit off in the form in the first part of the season, but in the spring he was in spectacular form, deciding matches with his skilled dribbles and shots.


Zoran Mamić is secure at his position, but although he has won two titles, it feels that Dinamo has not improved much regarding the game itself. Not to undermine hits overall football knowledge, but Dinamo has won most of the crucial games thanks to the individual quality of the players. There were many poorly played matches, and with the quality of the team he has in hands, that should not be the case.

Match of the season:

Dinamo's win against Arsenal. Although the guests played the worst game of the season, it is to be written that Dinamo won against one of the strongest English teams. In Croatian League, the win against Rijeka 3-0 in the round 23 of the competition was the one to remember; Rijeka came to Zagreb to contest for the title, but it was no contest at all, Dinamo was at its best.


Dinamo is one of two teams in Croatia with the largest support but has the average attendance of 3798 people per game. A boycott of the club is in force, so if we would exclude the first round match when fans returned to the stadium because the Mamić brothers were not present, the average is just over 2000 people per match. A sad story as Dinamo deserves better. To clear that up, we do not mean that Dinamo deserves better fans, it deserves better leadership, which will respect the fans.


We are back on non-football issues. Dinamo is the richest club in Croatia, with the best team and infrastructure there is in the country. There is a question of sustainability of the project, as the income does not come from the secure sources as UEFA and FIFA standards require. Dinamo is safe as long as they hold the power in Croatian Football Federation, but there is a big shadow over the club as the head officials of the club are to stand trial for criminal activities connected with their jobs in Dinamo.