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Well at Vrpolje, Trilj Sights

By 4 February 2018

There are 16 ponds, wells and cisterns in total in the Vrpolje region, all of which are the monuments of a cultural heritage of traditional architecture, and, in the past, they were used to supply water to the locals and their cattle. Apart from being used as a water supply throughout the entire year, they are symbols of a higher cultural significance, a milieu for public gatherings, chattering, gossiping, flirting and love-making, exchanging good and bad news.

In Vrpolje, at the hill called Jelinak, there are three such typified water reservoirs. One of them is Lokva, which is also protected as a cultural heritage, and it is located in the proximity of the Church of Jesus' Holy Heart. Beside it, there is also a well and a cistern at the Jelinak hill.

Source: TZ Trilj