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Roman Road, Trilj Sights

By 4 February 2018

Not far from the legionary base of Tilurium (Gardun near Trilj), in Samoleč, are the remains of an ancient road platform of a road network that linked the city with the hinterland of the Salona Roman province. Leaving Salona through the Klis pass (Klis - Grlo), this communication route continued along the Dugopolje plateau and at the hamlet of Kapela, separated from the road for the veteran colony Aequum (Čitluk near Sinj) to the northeast toward the Roman military camp Tilurium crossing - the bridge on the river Cetina Pons Tiluri (Trilj). Pons Tiluri was an important traffic hub from which they parted, and became two main directions of great economic importance to the Roman Empire and Dalmatia in general. One led to the mining area of Srebrenica (Argentaria) in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, while others directed to the southeast to the trading port Narona (Vid near Metkovic) in the Neretva river valley.

The road to Samoleč today is preserved in a length of approximately 500 m, while its width is generally between 4 to 6 m. In some parts, the remains of stone-pavement with associated curbs and retaining walls are visible, as well as tracks made from intense traffic during the ancient period, to form the most recognizable material evidence of Roman roads.

Source: TZ Trilj