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Church of Holy Salvation, Vrlika Sights

By 4 February 2018

The Church of Holy Salvation is one of the most important pre-Romanesque buildings in Croatia, and it also figures high in terms of European pre-Romanesque architecture. According to the preserved inscription, it was built by the Cetina County Prefect (župan) Gostiha with his sons and his mother Nemira in the last quarter of the 9th century. A large mediaeval necropolis consisting of more than 1,100 burials was discovered near the church.

What features prominently among many and varied grave goods (jewellery, tools, weapons, money, textiles) are luxury earrings and fragments of a gilded silver belt enchased with human and animal figures, with Gothic elements added (preserved in the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split).

Source: TZ Vrlika