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Lake Peruča, Vrlika Sights

By 3 February 2018

A reservoir on the River Cetina, 29 km2 in area, 20 km long and 64 m deep, it holds 541 million m3 of water. The building of a 56m-high dam near the Donji Bitelić village created the reservoir, to serve the needs of the Peruča hydroelectric power station. For this purpose, some villages were flooded as well as the Draganić Orthodox monastery, built in 1395 during the reign of Bosnian-Croatian King Tvrtko.

The drought of September 2003 caused the reservoir to drop to such a low level that the monastery drowned in 1959 actually rose from the water.

On Lake Peruča you can enjoy swimming, rowing, fishing. A paradise to enjoy all types of water sports, which is provided by the Garjak rowing camp.

Source: TZ Vrlika