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Dinara Mountain, Vrlika Sights

By 3 February 2018

The majestic mountains of Dinara and Svilaja, whose grasslands, round karst valleys and woodlands used to be a source of livelihood, today provide different benefits to the inhabitants of the Vrlika region – the heights and wide open spaces have become a popular destination for ecotourism and adventure tourism enthusiasts as well as nature lovers. Moreover, a large number of natural habitats with their plant and animal species have been recognised as an asset to the mountain area, due to which Dinara has been included into the Natura 2000 European Ecological Network.

The Dinara mountain belongs to the high karst area and is mainly composed of two types of sedimentary rock, limestone and dolomite. One of its peaks, Sinjal (1,831 m), is the highest point in Croatia. Extensive grasslands and herbaceous vegetation, isolated and low-growing shrubs of juniper, as well as pine, oak, and beech woodlands, are some of its preserved natural habitats whose inestimable value and particular aesthetic qualities deserve not only our admiration and respect, but they also require constant and intensive care.

Source: TZ Vrlika