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Roman Road, Dugopolje Sights

By 3 February 2018

On the Kurtovići-Klapavice site of the remains of ancient road communications, a themed walking trail is located – the Roman road - which today extends along the borders of the Dugopolje and Klis municipalities. The preserved stretch of the road measures 1.5 Roman miles (about 2 km), and the remains of this ancient road communication correspond exactly to the Roman road which, leaving Salona, the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, led over the Klis pass and extended along the Dugopolje plateau. The road then branched into two at the Kapela hamlet: one branch leading to the Roman colony at Aequum (today’s Čitluk village near Sinj), and the other one leading to the Pons Tiluri military camp (today’s Gardun village near Trilj). This road was probably used as an unsurfaced road until the 7th century and the Migration Period in former Roman Dalmatia.

Source: TZ Dugopolje