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Emergency Service

By 4 February 2018

Important Emergency Numbers 

The unique emergency telephone number is 112. This number may be called at any time of day or night, independently of where you are, the telephone number is free of charge. You may call this number if you need emergency medical help, the fire-brigade, the police, the mountain rescue service, emergency veterinary assistance, help from other services and operational forces of protection and rescue (Source TZ Central Dalmatia)

Police 92

Firefighters 93

Emergency medical help 93

HAK - Road Assistance 987

HAC - Croatian highways 0800 0422

Important information for Inland Dalmatia

Sinj police station

Address: Vrlička 71
Phone: 021/309310, 021/309339
Fax: 021/309303

Sinj volunteer fire department

Address: Put ferate bb
Phone: 021/821-110
Fax: 021/824-098
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Number of members: 8 professional employees and 22 volunteer firefighter

Sinj health centre

Address: Ramska bb
Phone: 021/708-040

Police station Imotski

Ul. kralja Zvonimira 3, 21260, Imotski

Phone: 021 309 189

Police Station Vrgorac

Hercegovacka 5, Vrgorac

Phone: +385 021/674 011

For all other police needs in Split-Dalmatia County:

For all hospital needs in Split Dalmatia County

Institut za pomorsku medicinu 21000, Split, Croatia

Križine 21000, Split, Croatia

Klinički bolnički centar Split - Toplice Croatia

Infirmary Šine Josipova ulica, 21311, Stobreč, Croatia

Dom zdravlja Makarska Makarska, Croatia

Hitna pomoć Trogir Ulica Kardinala Alojzija Stepinca, 21220, Trogir, Croatia

Dom zdravlja Sinj 21230, Sinj, Croatia

Klinički Bolnički Centar Split - Firule Spinčićeva 1, 21000, Split, Croatia

Stomatološka poliklinika Ulica Antuna Gustava Matoša 2, 21000, Split, Croatia

KBC Split - Križine Šoltanska 1, Križine, Croatia

ZDRAVSTVENA USTANOVA ZA MEDICINU RADA dr. WAGNER Ulica Hrvatske mornarice 1, 21000, Split, Croatia

Specijalna bolnica za oftalmologiju Svjetlost Poslovna Jedinica Split Borisa Papandopula 8b, 21000, Split, Croatia

Poliklinika MediDerm Ulica kralja Zvonimira 75, 21000, Split, Croatia

Zubotehnički laboratorij Stipe Vuković Čemer ulica, 21230, Sinj, Croatia

Poliklinika Cito Ulica Moliških Hrvata 4, 21000, Split, Croatia

Pharmacies in Sinj


Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 1, Sinj

Phone: 021 821 108

Hours: 24 hours

Ljekarna Varda

Brnaška ul. 6, 21230, Sinj

Ljekarna Poljak

 Put Ferate 9, 21230, Sinj

Pharmacies in Imotski


Ul. Ante Starčevića 9, 21260, Imotski

Phone: 021 841 127

Pharmacy Cortex

Šetalište Stjepana Radića 12, 21260, Imotski

Phone: 021 843 033

Pharmacy Poštenjak, Rebic, Djuzel, Jukic

 Ul. dr. Josipa Mladinova 22A, 21260, Imotski

Phone: 021 842 994

Pharmacies in Vrgorac


Ul. Hrvatskih velikana 19, 21276, Vrgorac

Phone: 021 674 358

Ljekarna Vrgorac

Vukovarska ul. 23, 21276, Vrgorac

Phone: 021 674 021

Pharmacies in Trilj

Pharmacy-čović pavišić Trilj

Josipa, Ul. Bana Jelačića 2, 21240, Trilj

Phone: 021 832 023