Sunday, 18 September 2022

Intensity of Croatian Inflation Calms Gradually Over 4 Month Period

September the 18th, 2022 - Croatian inflation might still be hitting bank accounts and back pockets hard, and while it might not seem like it to the average consumer, it has gradually been calming down consistently over a four month period.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, food and home equipment, along with items for household maintenance, were at the very ''front'' when it comes to price growth on a monthly basis in August compared to July, according to a recent Vecernji list report on the topic.

Food and home furnishings rose in price by 1.7 percent in one month, while restaurants and hotels came in third place with a mere one percent price increase.

The annual inflation rate has as such remained at a high double-digit figure of 12.3 percent during the second summer month, but the price growth at the monthly level still slowed down to just 0.1 percent.

In August this year, the first stronger price reductions were recorded in two groups, they were transportation costs which decreased by around 4 percent due to reduced fuel prices and clothing and footwear which decreased in price by 3 percent, meaning that the overall result on a monthly level brought with it a plus of 0.1 percent.

The good news is that the intensity with which Croatian inflation is ravaging the country and its pockets is actually decreasing for the fourth month in a row now. Cumulatively, in the first eight months of this year, the consumer price index was 9.5 percent higher when compared to the same period last year.

If you look at the European Union as a whole, the biggest summer price shock happened in neighbouring Hungary, where the annual inflation rate stands at almost 19 percent, and in August alone, the price jump was a significant 3.7 percent. Inflation accelerated in August in both the Eurozone (9.1 percent) and across the European Union (10.1 percent), with prices falling in twelve member states and further price increases occurring in fifteen of them on a monthly basis.

Food has been the leader of growth almost everywhere, with the fact that at the level of the European Union, the increase in the price of food items on an annual level stood at 10 percent, and when it comes to Croatian inflation specifically, it was twice as strong, standing at 19.2 percent.

Restaurants and hotels rose in price by 17.6 percent, furniture, home equipment and regular household maintenance rose by 15.3 percent, transportation and associated costs rosr by 14 percent. Housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels were more expensive by a considerable 10.5 percent, recreation and culture by 9.4 percent, various goods and services by 8 percent, and clothing and footwear by 6.4 percent, as reported by Ljubica Gataric/Vecernji list.

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Sunday, 18 September 2022

Mljet National Park Gets Prestigious INHERITURA Certificate

September the 18th, 2022 - The gorgeous Mljet National Park in Dalmatia has obtained the prestigious INHERITURA certificate, which is awarded to destinations considered to be outstanding examples of Mediterranean sustainability.

As Morski writes, the Minister of Tourism and Sport, Nikolina Brnjac, presented the INHERITURA certificate to the director of the Mljet National Park, Ivan Srsen, and then held a working meeting with him.

As noted above, the deeply desired INHERITURA certificates are awarded to destinations that are exemplary examples of sustainability across the Mediterranean. Four Croatian destinations have successfully met the somewhat demanding criteria for the awarding of this particular label, and recently the Mljet National Park joined them as the fifth Croatian location.

INHRRITURA certificates are otherwise awarded to Mediterranean areas for sustainability and environmental protection and for the preservation and valorisation of natural heritage in coastal and marine areas, while respecting the local environment and nature. Each destination has to fully meet sixteen strict environmental protection and sustainability criteria in order to get its hands on this certificate.

''The preservation of natural heritage and biodiversity, especially in marine areas and on islands, are goals to which we must all contribute together, and the development of sustainable tourism is the absolute best basis for maintaining the tourist competitiveness of the Mediterranean,'' said Tourism Minister Nikolina Brnjac, congratulating the stunning Mljet National Park on its well-deserved recently obtained INHERITURA certificate.

Sustainable tourism and respecting nature and our environment is being promoted on an enormous global level, and when it comes to the European Union (EU) most strategies now have the digital and green transition firmly in the forefront of their plans. Croatia is a shining example of rather remarkable nature and biodiversity, and we're sure that the Mljet National Park won't be the last Croatian location to be awarded this recognition.

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Sunday, 18 September 2022

Danube Cycle Plans Aims for Development and Promotion of Cycling Tourism

September the 18th, 2022 - The Danube Cycle Plans project hopes to increase the number of safe and secure cycle tracks throughout the Danube region, which includes Croatia. Makarska and what it has to offer cyclists is now being eyed up.

As Morski writes, there are more and more cyclists on the world's roads, with this free and environmentally friendly (not to mention healthy) method of getting from A to B being promoted across the board. It isn't only kids who need to be vigilant at all times when using the roads on two wheels, and in order to increase the number of safe cycle paths, the "Danube Cycle Plans" meeting was held in gorgeous Makarska. It was attended by representatives of nine countries of the wider Danube region as well as some of the leading experts in the field of bicycle transport and cycle tourism development from Austria, Slovenia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania.

By cycling together along the Makarska Riviera and conquering the highest peaks of the stunning Biokovo, guests had the opportunity to see part of the cycling paths in this truly beautiful area which boasts some of the most amazing views you could imagine. Representatives of the respective ministries of the aforementioned nine countries of the Danube region also exchanged their own experiences in the development of cycloturism as part of the Danube Cycle Plans meeting.

''One of the goals of the future development of the tourism strategy is the extension of the season and then year-round tourism. The activity itself, cycling or cyclotourism, wants to see an improved level of cycling infrastructure, an extension of the tourist season and some financial progress,'' said Ivica Jujnovic, the national coordinator for the development of cycling traffic across the Republic of Croatia.

Croatia wants to increase the number of bicycle paths it has, and the experiences of its European partners can help it greatly in this.

''I think that Croatia has some wonderful conditions for cycle tourism from Istria down to the Makarska Riviera and I hope that it will get better and better in the coming years,'' said Stasa Kraljic from the Ministry of Infrastructure of neighbouring Slovenia.

It's worth noting that one of the most attractive European cycling routes, Euro Velo 8, which connects Portugal with Greece, also passes through Makarska, as reported by HRT.

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Sunday, 18 September 2022

Luxury Opatija - More Tourists Choosing Top Notch Accommodation

September the 18th, 2022 - Luxury Opatija is now on more and more people's radars as more tourists are opting for top quality accommodation and nothing less.

As Morski writes, absolutely excellent results were also recorded in Opatija this summer tourist season, and this gorgeous part of Kvarner has well and truly confirmed itself as an elite destination. Luxury Opatija came to the fore, with this city dominated by stunning Austro-Hungarian architecture seeing its various high-category buildings, especially villas with swimming pools and hotels of the highest category, being the most sought after and rapidly booked.

There are more and more tourists who come to Opatija at least twice a year and choose exclusively luxury accommodation, and these are often about cosmopolitans who live at several addresses, including like the Boskovski couple, who are equally fond of Miami, Zurich and Opatija.

''We usually spend the winter in Miami, but as the years go by, one day when we can't manage to get to Miami, we'd love to come here and spend the winter period in Opatija. In any case, that would be wonderful for us,'' said Milka Boskovski, a guest of and true lover of Opatija.

In addition to luxury, they are looking for professionalism and kindness, but also the magic of the environment. For Nikola Boskovski, Opatija always had the smell of figs and jasmine when they went to the beach, particularly towards Volosko or Lovran.

Recreation, the promenade, properly preserved nature, delicious food and an increasing number of elite accommodation facilities make Opatija attractive even outside the main season.

''It's important to emphasise that this year the guest profile both in Opatija as a tourist destination and in our hotels has changed. I believe that Opatija has actually become an elite tourist destination in the true sense of the word,'' said Ilija Toric, the director of a five-star hotel in Opatija.

Loyal guests have returned, and new ones have arrived. Suzi Petricic, the director of the Opatija Tourist Board, stated that German and Austrian guests spent the most overnights in Opatija. In addition, the number of overnight stays increased compared to the reference year of 2019, among other guests, for example, those from the European countries of Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Great Britain and Denmark.

The congress season will soon begin with great announcements not only for September but also for the rest of the year, writes HRT.

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Saturday, 17 September 2022

Croatian Returnee Reflections: Tony Ante Lucic, from London UK to Dubrovnik

September 18, 2022 - Whisper it quietly, but more and more people are relocating to Croatia from the diaspora. In a new TCN series, we meet them to find out how they are faring and what advice they have for others thinking of making the switch. Next up is Tony Ante Lucic, who moved from London to Dubrovnik.

My name is Tony (Ante) Lucic; I was born in Dubrovnik in 1953, I was a motor mechanic by trade. In 1974, when I was 21, I left my hometown of Dubrovnik and moved to London and worked as a waiter in the Savoy Hotel, to get a work permit, I had to work in catering. I was only planning to stay short-term to improve my English… I met my wife, and we had 2 children and made the UK my home for 46 years. I owned and ran our restaurant for 30 years. 



1. You made the switch to Croatia. Tell us a little about the decision process and how long it took for you to get on the plane.

I moved back to Croatia with my wife in 2020, just as Covid hit. I always said that when, and only when I retire, I would return back to my hometown of Dubrovnik, so that was an instant decision, albeit my English wife was hesitant.


2. What did your family and community back home think of your decision at the time?

My family and friends in the UK were pleased but sad to see us go, but they all love coming out to Dubrovnik for holidays.


3. Where did you get your information about the realities of Croatia prior to coming?

We holidayed every year in Croatia, so we kept up to date with friends, family, and on social media. We also attended the Croatian Catholic mission on a Sunday, where we met up with other Croatian people living in London.


4. What were you most nervous about making the switch? What was your biggest fear, and what was the reality of what you found?

For me, the switch was easy, as I did not need anything from the state, as I already had a house here and did not need employment as I was retired, and that was one of the reasons I always said I would only move back when I retired. Because I had my English wife with me, we did have a few hurdles regarding paperwork and going from office to office, apostille stamps trying to avoid the office coffee breaks, and all this during Covid made it a bit stressful.



5. Think back to the time before you arrived. What were your perceptions about Croatia, and how were they different from the reality you encountered?

From my perceptions of reality, things have improved a lot over the years, notably the healthcare service, they don’t lock you in the ward anymore, haha, but there is still a long way to go. People like to moan here, but most of them seem to live well, I do wonder if anybody does any work as they all seem to be drinking coffee.


6. You are still here, so obviously, the pros outweigh the cons. Tell us about some of the things that you love about being in Croatia, as well as some of the things you don't like.

Being a laid-back person, I enjoy the slower pace of life, sunshine, beach, and the coffee culture, people make you feel welcome, and their hospitality is first class. Drivers are very impatient; no one likes to queue, bureaucracy is a nightmare, tradesmen, i.e., plumbers and electricians, never turn up as promised, and everyone knows everyone's business. And living in a small town is a case of who you know, not what you know!


7. What advice do you have for others thinking about making a move from the diaspora?

My Advice would be, only come if you are financially secure, otherwise, good luck!


8. How do you think Croatia can better assist those who are looking to return to the Homeland?

They need to simplify bureaucracy; the politics need to change, and not to mention the corruption.. otherwise, I love it here.



Thanks, Tony!

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Looking for a Job in Croatia? This Week's Top 10 from (September 17, 2022)

September 17, 2022 - Looking for a job in Croatia? A new weekly feature on TCN, in partnership with leading job site agency,, who present a selection of weekly job listings.

How hard is it to find a job in Croatia, and what is on offer?

We spoke to Ines Bokan, director of leading jobs site, who kindly took the time for this excellent interview overview.  

Ines has kindly agreed to work with us on a new weekly feature on TCN - a weekly selection of 10 job listings, as chosen by  Details and links to the job opportunities below in the latest edition of this feature.



OK Mobility has an Administrative position (m/f) vacancy in Zagreb. The company is offering a competitive remuneration package, a clear career plan and internal development. Apply by Oct 15th via this link

Spit Shack Mitchell Pty Ltd is looking for a Cook (m/f) in Canberra, Australia! The company is offering a starting paycheck of 16 000 HRK (approx. 3 000 AUD), help with relocation and boarding and a starting contract for 2 years. Apply by Sep 26th via this link.

Gi Group Staffing Solutions zapošljava Rukovoditelja prodaje (m/ž) u Zagrebu! Poslodavac nudi priliku za razvoj potencijala, stimulativna primanja i osigurava sve tehničke uvjete potrebne za rad. Prijaviti se možete klikom na link do 27.09.2022.

Addecco Hrvatska d.o.o. is looking for a Regional Purchasing Specialist (m/f) in Zagreb for their client CAT Cargo Logistics. The company is offering a competitive salary with growth potential, a young team of experts to work with and collaborating on international projects and working with international clients. Candidates can apply by clicking here until Sep 28th.

Deceuninck d.o.o. zapošljava Voditelja marketinga (m/ž) u Dugom Selu / Bistri. Poslodavac nudi priliku za rad u međunarodnom, stabilnom i inovativnom poduzeću s jasnom misijom, izazovnu radnu okolinu, mogućnost za razvoj karijere, atraktivna primanja i mogućnost napredovanja! Prijavite se do 30.09.2022. na linku.

Le Méridien Lav is hiring an Executive Pastry Chef (m/f) in Split! They are offering various training and development opportunities, high international standards, seasonal incentives, accommodation and meals. Apply by Sep 29th via this link!

Metronik Sustavi d.o.o. zapošljavaju Voditelja projekata automatizacije u zgradarstvu (m/ž) u Zagrebu. Poslodavac nudi stimulativna primanja, rad s najnovijim tehnološkim rješenjima i dobro razvojno okruženje za napredovanje na poslu. Prijaviti se možete do 27.09.2022. klikom na link ovdje.

Manpower is hiring a Technical Sales Representative (m/f) in Zagreb. If you have excellent communications and sales skills, great MS Office knowledge, and are fluent in English, this might be a great opportunity for you! Apply via this link until Sep 30th.

PLIVA Hrvatska d.o.o. zapošljava Tehničara u kontroli kvalitete (m/ž) u Savskom Marofu. Ako želite surađivati s vrhunskim stručnjacima iz brojnih područja, raditi u inovativnoj i poticajnoj srediti i raditi na najsuvremenijoj opremi i tehnologijama, ovo je sjajna prilika za vas! Prijavite se do 19.09.2022. klikom na link.

Gi Group Staffing Solutions is hiring a Service Sales Engineer (m/f) in Zagreb. The company is offering use of the company car, laptop, and mobile phone; various allowances; life insurance; and additional bonuses and awards. Applications can be submitted via this link until Sep 26th.


For more career options and job listings, visit


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What is it like to live in Croatia? An expat for 20 years, you can follow my series, 20 Ways Croatia Changed Me in 20 Years, starting at the beginning - Business and Dalmatia.

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K.K. Split: City Fails to Find Investor

While the public international tender for investments and strategic partnerships for the ABA League basketball club closed without offers, Deputy Mayor Kuzmanić does not accept his defeat and wants to try again in spring.


September 17, 2022 - The City of Split announced on its facebook page yesterday: "Despite the unofficial announcements and expressed interest, no official offer was received after the deadline for the international public call for investment in K.K. Split and the selection of a strategic partner."



Mayor Puljak (left) and Deputy Mayor Kuzmanić presenting the tender in August (Photo: Grad Split)


Deputy Mayor Antonio Kuzmanić who claims there were talks with -according to rumors up to four- interested parties did not admit to having made any mistakes: "We are not discouraged by this outcome considering the circumstances of the short deadlines and the fact that the contract cannot be concluded or consummated until the beginning of this competition season.  We will make additional efforts to attract potential partners and repeat the public call in the spring. We believe that when the objective circumstances are removed, the interested parties will formalize the offers and that we will get a quality solution for the club's future." 


Mayor Ivica Puljak who co-presented the tender together with his deputy in August did not stop his colleague from executing the poorly prepared, heavily flawed and quite ridiculously naive publication. The tender did not only have no chance to attract investors but has also put a spotlight on the heavy lack of competence of Mayor Puljak and his team in the matter and has further damaged the image of the historic basketball club formerly known as Jugoplastika Split. So it is quite understandable that the mayor's name was neither mentioned in the press release nor has he commented on the matter publicly. Instead the city's press release points out that Deputy Mayor Antonio Kuzmanić is responsible for the implementation of this process in front of the city.


Until such a tender will have any chance of success in the future, a lot of work will need to be taken care of within the basketball club whose last trophy was won in 2004 and that since then has been amassing debts without being able to monetize on any player sales. To the club's history of mismanagement and problems in finding potent sponsors, the responsible politicians have now added the new category of failure to find investors and strategic partners.

Saturday, 17 September 2022

Young Croatian Humanitarian Andro Fabijanic Dies in Ukraine

September the 17th, 2022 - Young Croatian Andro Fabijanic, a selfless 29-year-old from Zagreb, who actively helped Ukrainian families and veterans with humanitarian work, died in Ukraine in an anti-tank mine explosion on Tuesday while delivering aid.

Ukrainian suffering caused by the Russian invasion which shockingly took place back in February of this year has been horrendous, but it has shown us just how many selfless individuals from across Europe have been ready to step in and help in any way possible.

The Republic of Croatia, with its relatively recent experience of invasion and bloody war has been praiseworthy in its efforts to help Ukrainian refugees, with the government quickly amending laws to allow refugees to stay and work here, and individuals offering up their homes to displaced Ukrainian families free of charge all over the country. Croatian humanitarian Andro Fabijanic is one such person who left the comfort of his peaceful country to head over to Ukraine to help directly.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the tragic news that Andro had lost his life quickly spread on social media and was later also confirmed by friends of the bereaved Fabijanic family. This altruistic young man from Zagreb, known to local athletes and recreationists as a personal fitness trainer, died in a delivery vehicle transporting sanitary materials to Ukrainian fighters.

The vehicle ran into a mine on the road and several of his Ukrainian colleagues were wounded. Unfortunately, there was no escape for Andro Fabijanic, who was supposed to leave for the safety of Croatia just one day later, writes Novi list.

He had bought a ticket home and otherwise worked for an association from Dnipropetrovsk that delivered bandages and other medical aid to Ukrainian veterans fighting against Russian aggression in their war-torn homeland.

For more on Croatian efforts during the ongoing Ukraine war, make sure to check out our dedicated lifestyle section.

Saturday, 17 September 2022

Losinj Gets First Sculpture Dedicated to Wives of Croatian Seamen

September the 17th, 2022 - Losinj has become home to the very first sculpture dedicated to the wives of Croatian seamen, who would be frequently seen down by the shoreline waving goodbye to their men heading off to sea.

As Morski writes, when every vessel set sail from the Port of Losinj for a long journey, it would dock in one of the most beautiful coves there - Cikat bay near the church, where the crew would disembark and pray with their families in the church before parting.

The "ADDIO" sculpture dedicated to the wives of Croatian seamen was created as a symbol of tradition, but also of love and loyalty. The bronze sculpture, which stands at a height of 178 cm, found its place exactly in the same place where Losinj's local wives used to wave goodbye to their sailor husbands many, many years ago. It is dedicated to Marija Stuparic, the wife of Captain Aldebrand Petrina, who waved to him as he sailed off into the distance. "Goodbye, my beloved!" she said into the wind while waving a white handkerchief to the sailing ship that was disappearing over the horizon.

After that, she would return to the small church of the Annunciation of Mary (Annunziata) to pray once more for her husband's eventual safe return. The Initials M.S. on the facolic (handkerchief) belong to her, and she was considered to be a dear woman, the wife of Captain Aldebrand Petrina. During their 32 years of married life, they spent only 13 months together in their home in Losinj. Sailors' wives had to be strong-minded, persistent, patient and ready for anything to occur.

''Our desire was to pay tribute to all the sailors' wives who saw Croatian seamen off on their journeys and waited for their return home in an attractive, modern and somewhat abstract way. The form of a classical sculpture has been retained but with a silhouette, and it is somewhat more airy and unique. The sculpture is life-size, on the back is a motif that used to be found on the headbands of women from Losinj, and which can be seen in our permanent exhibition,'' explained the director of the Losinj Museum, Zrinka Ettinger Starcic.

Academic sculptor and the creator of this new Losinj sculpture, Zvonimira Obad, explained the artistic interpretation of the sculpture.

''This is the shape of a woman and it is layered and lost in space, showing how she is being "carried away by the wind". The idea comes from the symbol of a tradition that is falling into oblivion, all for the purpose of "retaining" the time that has passed and renewing the feeling of belonging. The "Addio" sculpture is a symbol of both love and fidelity,'' according to author Obad.

''In this way, we're helping to preserve another valuable memory of our rich maritime past,'' said the director of the Tourist Board of the Town of Mali Losinj, Dalibor Cvitkovic.

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Saturday, 17 September 2022

Popular German TV Chef Johann Lafer Spends Time on Istrian Peninsula

September the 17th, 2022 - Popular German TV chef Johann Lafer has been spending time on the gorgeous Istrian peninsula as it seeks to position itself as one of the most exciting gastronomic destinations in all of Europe.

As Morski writes, one of the most prominent television chefs in the entire German-speaking region, Johann Lafer, recently visited Istria. During his stay, an extensive editorial photo production was carried out, which will be presented on as many as thirteen pages of the prestigious Lafer magazine this month.

At the end of July in Singapore, he created new menus for Singapore Airlines as one of the world's best airlines, which the German television company ARD reported to an audience of millions during a special one-hour show during the primetime evening programme. In August, German TV chef Johann Lafer visited Istria to thoroughly research the area and its rich and varied gastronomic scene.

The star chef, who, among other things, has been awarded multiple Michelin stars, is considered to be among the most respected and highest paid chefs in all of Germany and Austria. His visit to Istria without any fees was arranged by Dr. Wolfgang Neuhuber from ART Redaktionsteam, a public relations agency, a long-time partner of Istria, and the Tourist Board of Istria County.

''Johann Lafer is simply a passionate chef who takes a lot of delight from cooking, wine and other top quality products. Together with the director of the Istria County Tourist Board, Denis Ivosevic, we tried to present all the faces of the gastronomic destination of Istria,'' said Neuhuber.

During the three-day research tour, Johann Lafer got better acquainted with various Istrian specialties, from baking to fine dining and classic wines, as well as typical Istrian delicacies. Of course, there was no shortage of tasting prosciutto, truffles and Istria's well known extra virgin olive oil.

Along with German TV chef Johann Lafer, Patricia Brohm, the longtime editor-in-chief of the prestigious Gault Millau Germany guide, was present, as well as the top photographer from Hamburg, David Maupile, with Dr. Wolfgang Neuhuber working as the presenter. Johann Lafer was delighted with what he discovered and has already booked his next private holiday in Croatia to "get to know even more of this fascinating country''.

What is most important and represents a huge success for Istrian tourism is the extensive cover story about Istria as a gastronomic destination, which is due to be published in the autumn edition of the prestigious Lafer magazine. The magazine belongs to the elite publisher Jahreszeiten-Verlag (Feinschmecker, Merian), and it is estimated that the advertising value of this free reportage for Istria stands at about 230,000 euros, but it will bring inestimable value to the image of Istria and its destinations.

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