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Carić Winery (Vrboska)

By 30 January 2018


Carić Winery in Vrboska is an award-winning winery led by chief winemaker Ivo. Once a celebrated cook and restauranteur, Ivo decided to switch his time to the vineyard and follow his passion of winemaking. Today, Carić Winery boasts 5 ha of vineyards and grows a number of indigenous varieties including Plavac Mali, Bogdanjuša, Kuč, Maraština, Darnekuša and Pošip

Vino-Hvar d.o.o.
Ivo & Ivana Carić
Svirče bb
Svirče (21462 Vrbanj)
GSM: +385 (0)21 768 027
GSM: +385 (0)98 160 6276
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Web: www.vinohvar.hr
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